logo‘Transfer of Knowledge – Transfer of Human Capital’ with the acronym TOK-TOC (1242R4) is a project co-financed by the programme INTERREG IVC. Its aim is to identify the skills and capacities needed by the workforce in order to remain employable and productive under business succession and transfer conditions.

TOK-TOC embraces regional and local authorities and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs in short) in order resolve the problems associated with SME transfer. TOK-TOC is determining the parameters affecting successful SME transfer and is highlighting the role of knowledge transfer, that is, saving the knowledge accumulated by any ageing work force and passing it to younger generations of workers.

TOK-TOC’s outputs include a Handbook of Best Practices in SME Succession and Transfer as well as a Model for Attaining SME-Succession & Transfer Excellence that could be used be local and regional authorities.

6 partners from 6 regions and 6 member states will exchange experiences and data on innovative methodologies and tools related to knowledge transfer and human capital mobility. Through seminars, study visits and research the partners of TOK-TOC will identify best practices in SME succession and transfer and will formulate a model for succeeding in transferring SME management and operation from one generation to another. The model will be applicable to different types of SMEs operating under different legislative, economic and social environments.

TOK-TOC’s portal www. tok-toc.eu will provide relevant information to interested stakeholders, including policy decision makers, regional and local authorities, non-governmental organizations, SME associations, academic institutions and research institutes. The total budget for TOK-TOC is 1.703.964,37€ (ERDF Funding 1.370.942,57€ & National Public Financing: 333.021,80€). It will be completed in December 2014.